Poplar Hill School

Students and their stories and quotes...

I was so glad when I started at Poplar Hill School because I knew I was growing up and able to be with the big kids.  Bernard Jackson


I got to sit next to my girlfriend.  My first girlfriend! She moved her desk so close to mine there was no room between the two.  Rosevelt Cruel


We chopped and gathered wood from the woods on our way to school.  Always hoping a tree had fallen, broke apart, and dried up it would be easy to collect and bring in for the wood burning stove.  It was the only heat source for the two room school house.  Henry "Tip" Jackson


Student Photos

Naomi Jackson Starks Rhodman (1932 - 2008) daughter of Martha T. Jackson and Quitman Starks, Sr.

Attended Poplar Hill School from about 1938 - 1946.


William Seward Jackson Children

The grandchildren of Elvira Ellis Jackson (1857 - 1925)

All attended Poplar Hill School (dates estimated):

Regina Mildred Jackson Ellis (1905-1981)  Attended: 1911 - 1919

Hazel Lillian Jackson Lee (1907-2003) Attended: 1912 - 1920 (right of Elvira)

William Seward Jackson, Jr (1908 - 1989) Attended: (1914-1922)

Joseph Lawrence Jackson (1911-1967) Attended:  (1916-1923)

Stella Lucille Jackson (1913-1977) Attended: ( 1919 - 1925)

Althea Jessica Jackson Towsel (1917-2004) Attended: (1923 - 1926)

Merriman Howard Jackson children

Elvira Fitzgerald Jackson Wilson ( 1909 - 1971 )

Attended Poplar Hill School one year 1915         

Sarah Lillian Jackson Howard ( 1910 - 1944)

Attended Poplar Hill School one year 1915