Poplar Hill School

Teachers of Poplar Hill

Mrs. Elvira Ellis Jackson

Mississippi State and local records identify the teachers who taught at Poplar Hill Grade School over the years.  The most recognized of these teaching professionals is Mrs. Elvira Ellis Jackson, who began teaching in the church building in about 1880 and then at the existing school building when it opened in c. 1923.

In 1911, Mrs. Elvira Ellis Jackson became one of the first African-Americans in the State of Mississippi to earn a Teacher's State License certification.


Ms. Henrietta Jackson

Another notable figure associated with the Poplar Hill School is the daughter of Elvira Ellis Jackson, Henrietta Jackson, who taught at the school over 40 years from 1896 until about 1940.

Other teachers:

Ms. Henrietta Jackson Smith


Mrs. Mattie Milton (1937-1940)          Ms. Lethie Green (early 1940s)

Ms. Bessie Lyas Kates (1941–1945)  Ms. Virginia Roanne Thomas (1942-1946)

 Ms. Lula Bell Jackson

   (1942–1943) (1945–1946)


Ms. Ruth Hall


Ms. Ruth Hall (sister of Sarah Hall Jackson) 

Taught at Poplar Hill from 1944 - 1946



Ms. Rebecca "Betty" Jackson Jones  (1923 - 1929)

Ms. Alma Page (1944–1946)

Mrs. Sarah Hall Jackson (1948 – 1949)

Ms. Helen Riley (c.1950)                     Ms. Thelma Jackson (c.1950)

Ms. Mildred Turner (c.1953)                Ms. Sadie Fells (c.1953)

Ms. Hattie Belle Haley (c. 1950’s)       Ms. Naomi Hill


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